This or That Instagram Story Templates

Have you seen the influx of ‘This or That’ Instagram Story posts? Here’s an example of one below:

iphone with instagram challenge

What is the ‘This or That’ challenge on Instagram?

This or That pits two different choices against each other for the user to choose from. This can be yourself as a business or your followers if you offer the template out. Generally these choices offered will be based around a theme such as fashion, food or travel locations.

How do the templates work?

Users will upload a template to their Instagram stories and circle their chosen answers via the app. They will then share the completed version with their audience on Instagram. The great thing is that you can also do this on Facebook Stories too which is a benefit as you may have different followers on different platforms.

Why ‘This or That’ is so popular on Instagram and why you should use it

Instagram is social! Being part of little games and challenges like this are a great way to communicate with and engage your audience. They’re a fantastic way of your followers getting to know a small bit about you and offers a personal approach to interaction.

According to Instagram, “58% of people surveyed say they have become more interested in a brand/product after seeing it in Stories.” This goes to show there is huge opportunity there if you were to actively encourage your current and potential new followers to interact with your business via Instagram Stories.

Free Instagram ‘This or That’ story templates

Interested in utilising this method to engage your followers? Well you’re in luck – I’ve decided to get you guys started and offer out 10 free templates! You can find them below.

While these templates are a great starting point, there is so much more you can do and so many more challenges and engagement methods you can get get involved in. If you’d like me to create some ‘This or That’ Instagram Story templates for your business specifically, or if you notice any other challenges you’d like to get involved in that I can help design content for, contact me here.

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